Custom City Design

Custom City Design

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Love your city but don't see it in our shop? Place a custom request and send us your favorite buildings, landmarks, sports arenas and colors, or let us do the research and create it for you.

Research and design for new, custom cities take several hours to create, so please anticipate two weeks before your design is created, printed and shipped.

Choose your print size, place your order, and visit the contact page to send us your skyline details! Here are a few tips:

• Send 7-10 or so landmarks that are significant to you/your city

• Try to send a combination of small, medium, and large landmarks to help have a 'balanced' composition. For example, significant statues or fountains, favorite restaurants or small buildings, and skyscrapers or arenas.

• We typically design with the color palette used in the design here, please specify if you would prefer something different.

That's it! We're excited to create YOUR city!