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cityscape design kansas city mural crossroadsKC-Based Cityscape Design Unveils Mural in the Crossroads District featuring Iconic Kansas City Landmarks

(Kansas City, MO) November 19, 2018 - A new mural designed by Kansas City Native now adorns the front of the AlphaGraphics building, a local business in the Crossroads District in Kansas City. The history behind the JC Nichols fountain, the soul of the Jazz District, the Native American Scout standing watch on his horse, and the stadium full of chants for Sporting Kansas City are all some of the pieces that give Kansas City its unique culture and pride. These iconic landmarks, and many more were incorporated into the new skyline design for AlphaGraphics, located at 1717 Oak Street in Kansas City. The mural’s concept and design were developed by Cityscape Design founder and Kansas City native, Jessica Janasz.

“AlphaGraphics was looking for a creative way to filter the harsh sunlight coming through their windows into their offices. During their search for a local artist, they came across Cityscape Design, and worked together to develop a  unique and striking mural that would embody the spirit of both their company and the city they call home. The biggest challenge was making sure all of the iconic pieces ‘peeked’ through the windows in the right places. The design is created as if you’re inside of a building looking out the windows at a view of the city.

kansas city mural cityscape design

The team at AlphaGraphics was drawn to Janasz’s designs of Kansas City, but was looking for something custom for this project, resulting in a collaboration to add new landmarks of the city for the mural. Printed as window perforation and installed by AlphaGraphics, the mural covers the entire windowed facade of the two-story building and is the first for Cityscape Design.

Janasz experimented with different mediums to create her first cityscape in 2013. Blending color theory and proportion, she pieces together each design to ensure all buildings are balanced and layered. “I work through every design as though it is a puzzle to solve,” Janasz said. “My designs are not a literal representation of the city you can compare to a photograph, but a composition of iconic and favorite landmarks through the eyes of the locals who live there. The AlphaGraphics mural presented new opportunities and challenges because of the layout of the windows, and the goal was to create a unique and powerful representation of and for the city.”

About Cityscape Design

Cityscape Design offers original landscapes and skylines of metro areas, displayed on prints, drinkware, cards, apparel, tote bags, ornaments and woodcut designs. While the primary focus is Kansas City, Janasz has created designs for 24 other cities and is always looking for new opportunities for custom projects.

Photos by Rachel Cohen 

cityscape design kansas city mural jessica janasz